Readers’ Favorite Buddhism BooksReaders’ Favorite Buddhism Books

Readers’ Favorite Buddhism Books

A list of our readers’ all-time favorite books on Buddhism – what’s yours?

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Buddhist Magazines

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Out of Uddiyana
Out of Uddiyana

A sublime new exhibition of rare Buddhist artifacts at Tibet House in New York reveals wisdom through its changing forms.

Buddhism’s Suffering and Liberation
Buddhism’s Suffering and Liberation

How understanding the true nature of bad events can help you take a glimpse of true freedom.

The Buddha, the Flower and the Awakening
The Buddha, the Flower and the Awakening

An anonymous reader retells the first story of Zen Buddhism, wisely and in verse…

The Dharma Of Sound: Healing with Himalayan Bowls
The Dharma Of Sound: Healing with Himalayan Bowls

AUM! How Tibetan Singing Bowls – and their path to synchrony – can both heal and enlighten.

Lasha Mutual and the White Tara
Lasha Mutual and the White Tara

An artist shows us how we can find beauty – rather than a clash – in incorporating Eastern cultures.

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Featured Book

No Death, No Fear. "I used to be gripped by a fear of death, that no amount of religion could help! Now I really see how it could be possible that death is a construct of the human mind, and it really not be a problem at all that it exists" Harvey, AZ. read more >

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