Buddhism Magazine is an online magazine, that exists to help Westerners form community, discuss, and support their spiritual path.

We are interested in how we can help the new forms of Buddhism that will emerge from its uptake in the West. We are also interested in what Westerners can uniquely offer Buddhism. Most of all, we are interested in the unique problems and perspectives Western Buddhists face, in their busy daily lives, in relationships, and in dealing with often esoteric and sometimes difficult Eastern traditions.

Buddhism magazine is entirely written, edited, run and illustrated by volunteers. All profits go to expanding the reach and quality of its resources, its contributors, and Buddhist charities. We are asking you, the Buddhist community, from all traditions what you would like to see in its pages.

If you have a suggestion for a topic or area, please leave a comment. If you are organizing a Buddhist activity, send us an article or tweet and we can help you promote it. And if you would like to write on any topic relating to Buddhism, see our submissions page for more details.

A forum and other exciting features are coming soon. We hope you see reading, and contributing to, Buddhism Magazine as a valued part of your contemporary Western Buddhist experience.

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