The Accidental Buddhist: How Henry David Thoreau Can Make Us All Better Buddhists

By Charles Creekmore Quite early one morning in the fall of 2009, I experienced one of those life-changing events that show us how meditation can be the portal to untapped wisdom. I was perched before my little Buddhist altar, my legs wrapped around a kneeler and mind wrapped around my breathing, when a thought drifted […]

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The 108 White Tara Buddhist Meditation app

Although the App Store has a limited number of Buddhist apps, the quality and selection of meaningful apps continues to grow at an incredible pace. For those who are visually minded, the 108 White Tara Buddhist Meditation app provides a compelling meditation experience using your iPhone or iPad. Inspiring and engaging visual Buddhist Meditation Timer […]

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The Timeless Joy of the Small Zen Tale

By Dan Webster There is a wonderful tradition in Zen Buddhism of using tales to illustrate Buddhist principles. Sometimes these merely record the history of a particular community and teachers. Other times they employ humor, shock, and the unexplained to jolt the reader out of their usual expectations of religion. In this they are less […]

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