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Write For Us

Write for Buddhism Magazine. A not for profit venture.

We are interested in publishing anything that can benefit other Western practitioners. Please keep in mind our focus, which is the current development of new, Western approaches to Buddhism, and helps people to integrate traditional Buddhist approaches into our busy Western lives.


There are many benefits to writing, including:

Helping Your Own Understanding

It is often said that if you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others. Putting your thoughts together logically is a great way to fully understand a topic. Writing a piece for publication can be a great encouragement to research and answer a question you have. Comments and responses from readers can also help your own understanding.

Writing Income

We may be non-profit, but we want our writers to profit greatly! Besides the publicity value for your enterprises (see below), you can link to an Amazon wish list, book, ‘store’ or product, if you would like to earn affiliate income from your writing (you keep 100%).

Useful Publicity

Your writing can gain interest for a particular teachings, books, courses, exhibition, festival or something else you are involved in. And of course, submitting guest articles are the number one way to provide audiences for to your own blog, store or website. The same approach can be used to provide valuable publicity for worthy Buddhist centers, programs, or charitable causes you might wish to support.

Professional Advancement

More and more people are making a living as professional writers online. Published writers can add ‘Writer, Buddhism Magazine’ on their CVs and applications. You can also use your article as live evidence of quality content you have published.

An Online Community

Buddhists can live isolated lives from each other, and it can be difficult to get to your Buddhist center as often as you would like. Contributing to an online dharma community can extend your Buddhist practice into your everyday life. It can also help promote and join separated centers, via the internet.

Free Books!

The most commented on and linked to articles will receive one of our favorite dharma books.

Type of Articles

We receive a lot of poetry and “what I think when I look at my pet” type submissions. Think broadly about writing, and think of shared interests with others. We accept reviews (of exhibitions, books, retreats, courses or centers). We publish scholarly articles, news (even gossip), interviews (a favorite), and a list of resources (also always welcome). Humor, Obituaries, Introduction or How-To articles are also very interesting. Histories of Buddhist centers, biographies, travel writing and advice on traveling to Buddhist areas are also welcome to our readers. Think of what might interest you as a reader.

As well as writing, artists have submitted their artwork (drawings, paintings, or cartoons) that we use to illustrate other stories. Video submissions (via a YouTube link) are also welcome (provide a written introduction). Or you may have an idea that falls outside of these categories!


When you are ready, you can paste your articles into this submission form.

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your contribution.

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